MCA Driver Programming Interface

Alan Cox

David Weinehall

Chris Beauregard

Table of Contents
1. Introduction
2. Known Bugs And Assumptions
3. Public Functions Provided
mca_find_adapter — scan for adapters
mca_find_unused_adapter — scan for unused adapters
mca_read_stored_pos — read POS register from boot data
mca_read_pos — read POS register from card
mca_write_pos — read POS register from card
mca_set_adapter_name — Set the description of the card
mca_set_adapter_procfn — Set the /proc callback
mca_is_adapter_used — check if claimed by driver
mca_mark_as_used — claim an MCA device
mca_mark_as_unused — release an MCA device
mca_get_adapter_name — get the adapter description
mca_isadapter — check if the slot holds an adapter
mca_isenabled — check if the slot holds an adapter
4. DMA Functions Provided
mca_enable_dma — channel to enable DMA on
mca_disable_dma — channel to disable DMA on
mca_set_dma_addr — load a 24bit DMA address
mca_get_dma_addr — load a 24bit DMA address
mca_set_dma_count — load a 16bit transfer count
mca_get_dma_residue — get the remaining bytes to transfer
mca_set_dma_io — set the port for an I/O transfer
mca_set_dma_mode — set the DMA mode